Planning consultations

We want to hear your views when we make decisions about the Local Plan and other guidance that affects planning and development in the borough.

​​​​​If you would like to be told about policy-related consultations, email with the subject line ‘Stakeholder Database’.

Durham Road Conservation Area

The Council’s is committed to protecting the heritage value of its Conservation Areas. The Article 4 Direction that is the subject of this consultation, relates to the Durham Road Conservation Area and is being consulted on in order to maintain planning control of works to dwelling houses within this Conservation Area. 
The consultation period runs from 22 December 2017 to midnight on 31 January 2018.

Representations should be made via email to​ and labelled ‘Durham Road Article 4’. 

Representations received after the deadline will not be considered.


Local Plan Review: Proposed Submission Consultation​

Newham’s Local Plan helps to shape the future of the borough and sets out our plans to make the best use of available space and opportunities, ensuring that the benefits of development are widespread and respond to local needs. 

Whilst the existing plan is working well and many parts will remain the same, to ensure that policies and site allocations/designations continue to be robust and up-to-date, the Council has been carrying out a process of Local Plan review.

Previously the subject of two formal consultations and ongoing informal engagement, the Proposed Submission Draft Local Plan is now prepared and is the subject of this 7 week consultation.

Consultation Documents

The primary document is the Proposed Submission Draft Local Plan:

This is supported by:
Further evidence documents are also available via our Evidence Base page.

How to comment

The consultation specifically seeks views on whether the proposed plan is ‘sound’ as per the tests set out in the National Planning Policy Framework (paragraph 182). 

Comments can be submitted via online survey or email. 

As Local Plan documents are fairly complex, the survey has been prepared primarily to help local residents and businesses answer questions relevant to this stage of consultation. 

While anyone can use either method, planning agents, developers, and other statutory stakeholders are encouraged to submit representations by email. 

Comments should be clearly organised and labelled in relation to the tests of soundness. Comments should also make clear whether you wish to appear at the plan examination hearings.
Either method of commenting must be received by midnight on Tuesday 16 January 2018. Representations received after this date will not be considered.

Important information

Following consultation, the documents will be prepared for submission to The Planning Inspectorate for examination (and subsequent adoption of the plan). Please note that any comments submitted to the consultation will be shared with the Planning Inspector and Programme Officer, including contact details if you have requested to appear at the examination hearings.

Free internet access is available at any of Newham’s public libraries. These documents are also available to view in paper form at the East Ham Library​ during normal opening hours (328 Barking Road, E6 2RT, 9am-8pm Monday-Saturday) on at the Council’s main offices upon request in advance (please contact 0203 373 8300 between 9am and 12pm, Monday to Friday to arrange). 

Altering and Extending Your Home Supplementary Planning Document (SPD)

The Altering and Extending Your Home SPD provides guidance to developers, planning agents and the public about how applications for alterations and extensions to individual homes will be assessed by the Council. 

This draft document does not establish any new policy but offers additional guidance on how we will implement design and neighbourliness policies in relation to common types of householder applications.

The Council is inviting residents to be part of the consultation on this document, and feedback received will be used to finalise the Altering and Extending Your Home SPD. 

Altering and Extending your Home Supplementary Planning Document (draft)

The consultation runs from 1 November until Wednesday 13 December 2017 (midnight). Comments should be submitted by email to and labelled ‘SPD consultation’.

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