Planning consultations

We want to hear your views when we make decisions about the Local Plan and other guidance that affects planning and development in the borough.

​​​​​If you would like to be told about policy-related consultations, email with the subject line ‘Stakeholder Database’.

Newham Local Plan main and minor modifications consultation

Following submission to The Planning Inspectorate for Independent Examination (on 28 February 2018), Newham’s Local Plan was subject to Examination hearings held at Dockside between 19 and 28 June. Those who had previously made representations on the plan were invited to attend, full details of the examination so far (including submission documents, evidence, a timetable of hearings and new information submitted during hearings) are available via the examination page.
As is customary, during the course of Examination the Council has proposed both ‘main’ and ‘minor’ modifications to the plan which are now the subject of further consultation. Main modifications relate to the soundness of the plan and have been identified as such by the Inspector, minor modifications are other changes the Council has proposed to make the plan easier to follow but which do not relate to its soundness.
The plan has been the subject of extensive previous consultation (see SD07 - Statement of Consultation, Feb 2018) and at this late stage in the review process it is important to note that the current consultation relates only to the modifications identified in the schedule published below and their legal compliance and ‘soundness’ (i.e. whether they are positively prepared, justified, effective and consistent with national policy – see NPPF paragraph 182 for further explanation).

Many of these amendments are in response to representations made during the ‘Reg 19’ consultation last year and have already been discussed at Examination hearings (i.e. in public) as well as having been made available on the Council’s website as part of the Examination process. Other elements of the plan are no longer the subject of discussion and any comments not related to identified modifications will not be taken into account.
Upon conclusion of the consultation, the Council will summarise responses and any consequential further minor changes to the Plan it considers necessary, and pass this summary and the representations in full on to the Inspector for consideration as part of their report, via which the Inspector will confirm which modifications must be made for the plan to be found ‘sound’.  The Inspector’s report is expected later this year.
The consultation runs from Monday 23 July to Sunday 16 September (longer than the required 6 weeks given crossover with the summer holiday period including a bank holiday).

Consultation Documents:

  • Schedule of Main and Minor Modifications (PDF) – this is the primary consultation document and all comments should be directed towards it, clearly labelling the modification in question.
  • Interim Local Plan Draft (PDF) – this document consolidates all the modifications into a single document. Tracking is still present to identify how the plan has been reviewed and at what stage modifications were proposed.
  • Integrated Impact Assessment (PDF) (IIA) including Habitat Regulations Assessment (PDF) (HRA) – As the HRA (Appendix 6 of the IIA) was the subject of ongoing work between the Council and Natural England in light of recent case law, it is published again for comment here, accompanying some of the modifications arising. The Council has reviewed the IIA in light of other proposed amendments and considers no other changes are necessary. 
All comments should be made in writing by a named interest (whether an individual, organisation or company) and sent by email to​ by midnight on 16 September 2018, with the subject line Local Plan Modifications Consultation.

Comments should clearly identify the modification number they relate to or, where relevant, whether they concern the HRA. If you are responding as an individual, please make clear your interest in the borough, e.g. resident, local business owner. Pertinent details, including name and/or category of interest (i.e. ‘resident’ where a local resident rather than a name) will be published and passed to the Inspector but all sensitive data will be redacted. Note that we will store personal data to enable contact with representors where needed for the process of plan-making, monitoring and implementation for 5 years after plan adoption, and separately advise you of how you may formally opt-in to our main consultee database.


Infrastructure Delivery Plan

The Infrastructure Delivery Plan (IDP) is a living document to which we invite infrastructure providers and commissioners and anyone else with relevant information to submit updates and amendments throughout the year. 

We will publish updated versions as appropriate (expected to be annual).

How to comment

Email your feedback to labelled ‘IDP’.

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