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Pollution - report a nuisance

We will investigate any complaint about offensive smells, noise, vibration, dust or other nuisance caused by industry, business or construction in Newham.
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What kinds of pollution we investigate


  • Fumes from paint-spraying workshops. 
  • Dust, noise and smells from:
    • the manufacture of building material
    • food processing plants
    • car workshops.

    Business and transport

    • Noise, vibration and pollution from London City Airport, public roads and railways.
    • Smells from Beckton Sewage Treatment Works.

    Building sites

    • Dust and noise from building sites and major building projects, including Crossrail.
    We will investigate all complaints of noise, vibration, dust and nuisance from major building sites. Where necessary we will make sure that contractors do all they can to keep noise and vibration to a minimum and act to control dust and other nuisances.

    Report a nuisance​ caused by pollution

    You can report a nuisance caused by pollution online:
    Report noise nuisanceReport an odour or smell problem
    You can also email us at or phone us on 020 3373 0643.
    To make a complaint out of office hours, call us on 020 8430 2000.
    If we find that there is a nuisance, we can order the company to stop or limit the activities causing the problems.

    Noise from building work at the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park

    If you are affected by noise from building work at the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, you should contact the park's customer services team.
    If you are unhappy with the answer you get, email us or call us on 020 3373 0643.


    Work on Crossrail, the new east/west rail link in London, will run until 2017.
    For information about your local Crossrail building sites, go to the Crossrail website.
    We will check that noise and other effects of the Crossrail project are within the legal limits. We do this at the following sites in the borough:
    • Limmo Peninsula Site, Canning Town
    • Pudding Mill Lane (E15)
    • Connaught Tunnel: several sites along the south-eastern branch from Custom House to North Woolwich portal via Connaught Tunnel
    • Victoria Dock Road and Seagull Lane (E16)
    • North Woolwich: along Albert Road and Factory Road
    • Tunnelling Academy: Aldersbrook Site, Lugg Approach E12, Ilford, Essex; and Pier Road.

    Crossrail sites: information and complaints

    If you have a questions or you want to make a complaint, use the Crossrail helpline. 

    Crossrail Helpline

    Telephone 0345 602 3813 (24-hour helpdesk)
    If you are unhappy with Crossrail's answer, contact us using our online form, email us or phone on 020 3373 0643.

    Crossrail Complaints Commissioner

    If you complain to Crossrail about its building work but you are unhappy with the answer you get, you can also contact the Crossrail Complaints Commissioner:
    Stephen Jolly – Complaints Commissioner
    Third floor
    83 Victoria Street
    SW1H 0HW
    Helpline number: 0333 700 7300
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