Register a child or young person with a disability

We are updating our voluntary register of children and young people aged 0 to 18, living in Newham, who have a disability.

Why register?

The register is voluntary.

If you choose to register your child, you will:

  • be kept up to date about services relevant to children and young people with disabilities, including through a regular newsletter
  • be involved in future consultations so you can influence planning for services in Newham
  • help to improve support services in Newham, because the register helps us to know more about children with disabilities.

Register your child

Register children and young people with disabilities using our online form 

Make sure you have a valid email address or phone number before you start


Keeping your information safe

You information will be held securely by our Children and Young People’s Team. 

Our register is completely confidential; all data will be held securely and in compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

We will record your information on our database for future reference. This information may be accessed by services within the council, such as social care, young people services, housing, and for service planning and research purposes. It will also be shared with external partners, such as the health service, on a need to know basis.

For more information read our data protection statement.​​

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