Role of the Mayor

The Mayor leads and represents the borough. As a directly elected mayor he is the council’s political leader and has full executive decision-making powers. This means he is accountable directly to the people of Newham for carrying out the commitments he made in his election manifesto.

Not all councils have a directly elected mayor; most have a committee-style leadership system. As a result of the Local Government Act 2000, the people of Newham chose, in a public vote held in 2002, to have a mayor directly elected by the residents of Newham, instead of the committee system. Elections take place every four years.

Mayor of Newham, Sir Robin Wales


The Mayor leads the council in setting and delivering its vision for making Newham a place where people choose to live, work and stay. Part of this is being responsible for making sure that council services are efficient and respond to the changing needs and priorities of residents.
To support this work the Mayor appoints a cabinet of between two and nine elected councillors. The Mayor and cabinet are responsible for most decisions about day-to-day council services (excluding the regulatory council functions such as planning, licensing and appeals).
The Mayor also appoints advisers from the elected councillors. They have special areas of responsibility on which they advise the Mayor but they do not take part in decision making.

Representing Newham

The Mayor is a champion and advocate for Newham. He works with local partners, such as the police, health and voluntary sectors, as well as other key stakeholders and business partners, to achieve our shared vision for the borough, delivering the best for Newham residents and businesses.
He also represents the borough nationally and internationally, working with government ministers and business leaders to get the best opportunities for Newham’s residents.
In representing the borough he has also helped to secure huge investment in Stratford, Canning Town and Custom House and the Royal Docks to promote growth, prosperity and improved quality of life in Newham.
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