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Speed limits

Some areas of roads have been restricted to a maximum speed of 20mph rather than 30mph.
20mph sign

Why do we have 20mph zones?

They have been created to reduce the number of road casualties.


Where are they used?

In residential areas where road traffic crashes have happened as a result of excessive speed and in locations identified as 'cluster sites'.

Why are other traffic-calming measures used in the zones?

It would be easy just to install a number of 20mph signs at the entrances to the zones, but this would not significantly reduce vehicle speed.
In our view, such zones have to be self-enforcing and to do this we also need to use additional traffic calming measures.

How do I know if I am in a 20mph zone?

You will see a sign at each entrance point and when you leave the zone. There are no repeated signs within the zone.
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