Stratford town centre improvements

On this page you can find out about changes to the road layout and street environment in Stratford town centre.

All vehicles, including cars and buses, can now drive in both directions in Stratford town centre. Take care while driving, cycling or walking in the town centre and look out for other road users.​

We have installed new road signs to help you travel safely. We have also placed temporary directional signs while we complete our works and to help you navigate the town centre until everyone gets used to the new layout.

What road works are taking place now?

The Grove to Maryland Point

These works are an extension to the Stratford town centre improvement scheme. There are ongoing  footways works at this location. Works are expected to be completed by the end of May 2019.

Gerry Raffle Square and Salway Place

There are ongoing paving and planting works and are expected to finish by the end of May 2019.
The timescales above are indicative and may change if we identify any unforeseen works or due to bad weather conditions.

What has happened so far?

We started road works in Stratford town centre in autumn 2017 to introduce two-way traffic on Great Eastern Road, The Grove and Broadway.

As part of the works we have:
  • Changed the road layout so that vehicles can drive in both directions 
  • Upgraded existing footways to create more space for pedestrians
  • Upgraded existing crossings and created new crossings at locations where people prefer to cross
  • Provided separated cycle lanes so that people feel safer cycling in the town centre
  • Placed new trees and created new planted areas to make Stratford greener
  • Introduced a 20mph speed limit around Stratford shopping centre
  • Created new loading, parking and drop-off areas.
Most major road works have now been completed but we are still carrying out works on the footways. This includes placing street furniture such as new benches and bins, providing better lighting and creating an informal play area at The Grove. Works are progressing well and are expected to finish in spring 2019.
Please bear with us while we improve Stratford town centre. We are carrying out works in different locations at the same time to minimise disruption over a long period of time. To complete our works, we will need to temporarily narrow footways and carriageways. We will place temporary signs to let you know about any road, cycle lane or footway closures, and to advise you about alternative routes.

Why have these changes happened?

In partnership with Transport for London, we developed proposals to improve Stratford town centre. Following an extensive community engagement and public consultation process which started in October 2015, our final plans were formally approved in early 2017.
The previous one-way system encouraged high-speeds in the town centre that resulted in a high number of accidents, some of which involved pedestrians. We want to reduce vehicle speeds and make the town centre less car dominated so that it’s a place where people feel safe to walk and cycle, and somewhere people enjoy visiting.
Once our works have been completed, the street environment in the town centre will be given a general uplift.  We will have renewed most of the footways, created new public spaces with new trees and planting, resurfaced the main roads, installed new signals and traffic signs, and brightened up the area with colourful artwork and new lighting.

When will the works finish and what will the new road layout look like?

Works are progressing well and are expected to finish in spring 2019.

We have made a short video which takes you on a journey in the town centre to show you how it will change.
This plan shows more detail about the changes that are happening.

Illustrative plan – Stratford Town Centre Improvements

​Artist’s impression of improvements on Broadway 

​Artist’s impression of improvements on Great Eastern Road, near the main entrance to the shopping centre

​Artist’s impression of improvements on The Grove

Artist’s impression of improvements to Theatre Square

Artist’s impression of improvements to West Ham Lane


Working with local school children

In collaboration with Discover Children’s Story Centre​ and local primary schools we have created two videos about Stratford town centre.
Watch the children’s video​ on our plans for the town centre
Watch the children's video on the construction works
We will be producing a video later on in the year about the changes that have happened. Look out for our new video!


Town centre updates

  • The coach stop at Meridian Square was relocated to Montfichet Road in June 2018. There are maps at the old location directing you to the new coach stop. 
  • There is a drop-off point for the station and town centre at Meridian Square, where the coach stop used to be located. There is a large sign here to help you find the drop-off point. Please note there is a parking time restriction; more details can be found on the parking plate at this location.
  • The taxi rank has been relocated from Meridian Square to behind Stratford Bus Station so that it’s closer to transport links. If you exit Stratford Station from the mezzanine level go down the Westfield steps and the taxi rank will be on the right. 
  • Stratford Bus Station is very busy. Buses are continuously entering or exiting the Bus Station. It is important that people do not cut through here to access other services.
  • West Ham Lane is partially closed due to the hoarding around the Old Court House, behind the Old Town Hall. Vehicular access for businesses and the Old Town Hall is from Broadway.​


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