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Stratford town centre improvements

We are working with Transport for London to transform Stratford town centre. On this page you can find out about our proposed improvements, and how you can get involved.

In autumn 2017 we started works to introduce a two-way traffic system around the town centre. This will allow us to provide a better bus service, improve footways and crossings and create a separate cycle lane. We will also enhance the town centre with new lighting, colourful artwork and more planting. Works are progressing well.
On Monday 22 October 2018 the whole of Great Eastern Road and The Grove will become two-way.
The section of Broadway from High Street to Romford Road became two-way on Monday 17 September 2018.

We have provided new signage and information about the two-way system in the town centre. Please take care while driving, cycling or walking in the town centre and be aware of the new layout.​

What is happening

We have created a short video that takes you around Stratford town centre. It shows you where we are proposing to make changes, and what the changes will look like.

Changes to the one-way traffic system will allow for a better flow of traffic and reduce accidents in the area. It will also create a safer and more attractive town centre for everyone to enjoy.
Our plans aim to encourage people to spend more time in the town centre, enjoy everything it has to offer, and support local businesses and cultural venues.
As part of the plans, we want to:
  • introduce a two-way traffic ​system and road calming measures to reduce speeds
  • create separate cycle tracks to encourage more people to cycle through Stratford
  • widen the pedestrian crossing at Meridian Square and move other crossings to locations where pedestrians prefer to cross
  • improve the appearance of streets by resurfacing pavements, removing old street furniture and introducing new landscaping
  • enhance the public area near Theatre Square and St John’s Church. 

Artist's impressions of what the changes will look like

Artist's impression of proposed improvements on the Broadway

Artist's impression of proposed improvements on Great Eastern Road, near the main entrance to the Stratford Centre


Artist's impression of proposed improvements to The Grove


Artist's impression of proposed improvements to Theatre Square


Artist's impression of proposed improvements to West Ham Lane


Where we are with works

The works are well underway following the start of construction in September, please find below progress regarding the works (see phasing plans for detailed information).

Phase 1

  • Phase 1 - south side of Great Eastern Road from Picture House heading towards The Grove, is complete. New paving, trees, shrubs and lighting columns are in place.


Phase 2

Phase 2 is split in to two parts:
      • Phase 2A - south side of the Broadway between Old Town Hall Stratford and High Street
          •  ​Phase 2B - south side of the Broadway between Romford Road and West Ham Lane 
New paving is being installed and the segregated cycle lane is taking shape. As a part of these works Chant Street was closed 15 January 2018 to make way for the changes on the Broadway. Chant Street can no longer be accessed from the Broadway.

New paving, lighting and trees are being installed.

​Phase 3

Phase 3 is split in to three parts:
    • Phase 3A (from Angel Lane going east towards The Grove) - the work is complete.
    • Phase 3B (Great Eastern Road, heading towards Angel Lane) - the work is due to be completed 28 September. At the junction of The Grove majority of the work is now complete however once the current bus stop is relocated all this section will be completed. ​
    • Phase 3C (from Stratford library heading towards Park Avenue) - the works will commence once majority of the two-way switch over construction is complete.​

Phase 4

Phase 4 is split in to five parts:
  • Phase 4A (from High Street to Great Eastern Road) - work is due to be completed at this section 17 August 2018. The Railway Tree will be relocated to this section in Autumn. 
  • Phase 4B (Great Eastern Road by Service Route 1 - opposite Station Street) - this section is now complete. 
  • Phase 4C (northern end of Broadway) - this section of work is progressing well. There is now a temporary bus stop and taxi rank in place. Works within this section will be completed 17 August 2018 ahead of the two-way switch over in traffic. Following the switch over work will recommence at this location. Works will include upgrading existing paving, installing tree pits and new lighting columns. 
  • Phase 4D (Section from Service Route 1 to Service Route 3) - this section is due to be completed 30 November 2018. New kerbs are being laid along this section at present. 
  • Phase 4E (Section along Theatre Square) - work is currently being undertaken at this location. New paving, street lighting, pop up units and street furniture. This area will be completed 30 October 2018.

Phase 5

Phase 4 is split in to four parts:
  • Phase 5A (from Stratford Bus Station to new Telford Home building) - these works commence 20 August and will be completed 19 October 2018. A temporary drop-off point has been created where the old coach stop in Meridian Square used to be. 
  • Phase 5C (South side of St Johns Church between Romford Road and Tramway Avenue) - works are progressing well. All work at within this phase will be completed 17 September 2018​.
  • Phase 5D (The Grove from Broadway to Great Eastern Road, opposite side of Stratford library) - kerbs are being installed at this phase and work will continue until 17 September 2018. 
  • Phase 5E (west side of Tramway Avenue heading towards to West Ham Lane) - these works are progressing well and due to be completed 21 August 2018​.

Phase 6

Phase 6 is split in to two:
  • ​Phase 6A (Resurfacing to take place on Broadway, from High Street to Romford Road). See News and updates below for more information on this.
  • Phase 6B - details will be updated shortly.

We apologise for any inconvenience the works may cause and we are continuously assessing the works to minimise disruption for all road users. 

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the construction please contact our Public Liaison Officer, Ela Labrun on 07720 092485.​​

For more information on the location and timescales of works see the phasing plans below.
We aim to complete the improvements by spring 2019.


Involving the community and key stakeholders

In collaboration with Discover Children's Story Centre, West Ham Church of
England Primary School and Carpenters Primary School, we created
videos about improvements to the town centre and construction works.
Watch the children’s first video of Stratford town centre
Watch the children's second video of Stratford town centre
As part of the introduction of two-way traffic movement in Stratford town centre, Transport for London (TfL) has reviewed all bus routes that serve the town centre. TfL held a separate consultation in summer 2017 on changes to bus routes. For more information visit the TfL website.


Find out more about the project

Email us at if you would like to receive our regular e-bulletins on the project and find out about our public events.

History of the one-way traffic system

The Stratford one-way traffic system was originally introduced in 1967 (along with the Bow flyover) to carry traffic from London to and from Essex (old A12).
However with the completion of the 'East Cross Route' from Hackney to Blackwall (new A12) in 1973 it became partially obsolete. And it is now fully obsolete since the completion of the Woodford Bypass in 1992 which linked the A12 in Hackney to the M11.
With it no longer needed for its intended traffic function, there is now an opportunity to look at what is needed in the town centre.

Stratford Broadway circa 1898

Historic photo of Broadway Lane c1898. Image provided by Newham Archives and Local Studies Library.


News and updates

The coach stop at Meridian Square was relocated Monday 4 June to Montfichet Road. Currently this section has been turned into a temporary drop off point. Once the Stratford Town Centre Improvement scheme is completed there will be a permanent drop off point along this section. The taxi rank which used to be at Meridian Square have been relocated to outside Stratford Station.

In partnership with Stratford Original Business Improvement District the introduction of artwork to the facades along the Broadway was commissioned. Lighting around the artwork will be going in shortly. This work was commissioned to uplift the look and feel of the area and complement the wider Stratford Town Centre Improvement works.

West Ham Lane is still partially closed due to the the hoarding around Old Court House behind Old Town Hall Stratford. Access for businesses and Old Town Hall Stratford is via Broadway.

As a part of the two-way change in traffic there are planned resurfacing works taking place, the details are given below:
  • Monday 20 August 2018 to Friday 24 August 2018
    - Broadway from Romford Road to Tramway Avenue - diversions will be in place from The Grove via Water Lane into Romford Road
    - Stratford Bus Station intersection
  • Tuesday 28 August to Friday 31 August 2018
    - Tramway Avenue & Broadway (from Tramway Avenue to West Ham Lane) - diversions will be in place via West Ham Lane, Densham Road, Vicarage Lane and Romford Road
  • Monday 3 September to Friday 14 September 2018
    - Broadway from West Ham Lane to High Street
The works will begin at 7pm and will continue on until 6am each night. 

Work will be undertaken along Broadway and the junctions with Romford Road, The Grove, Tramway Avenue, West Ham Lane, Chant Street, High Street, Station Street, Great Eastern Road and Service Route 1. Broadway will be narrowed to allow traffic to continue to flow along it for the duration of the works.

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