Newham's Budget Challenge

The Newham Budget Challenge consultation in 2015 helped us to agree our budget for 2016/2017 and a New Deal for residents. 
Budget Challenge

The challenge we face

Over the last five years, the Government has cut the funding we use to deliver services for our residents very deeply.
We have worked to protect the services that matter most to local communities. However, we face continuing cuts and other pressures on our budget in the coming years.
This year we will need to save at least another £50 million. This is more than we currently spend on cleaning the streets, collecting the bins, lighting our streets and running our libraries combined.
Newham Council is one of the hardest hit by the Government’s funding cuts. Next year we will receive £284 less for every home in the borough while Richmond Council, a much wealthier part of London, is only losing £57 per home.
These cuts, in addition to other pressures including rising inflation and increased demands on our services, mean the council will have to make additional savings every year until 2019.
This is on top of the £106 million cut in our government funding over the last five years. As a result we will not be able to continue protecting all of our services and will have to take some tough decisions.
We know that the services we provide like libraries, care for the elderly, protecting children and street cleaning are valued by our residents.
You also tell us that the things that Newham provides that other councils do not are really important too. These include free school meals for every child in our primary schools and help to get a job from our Workplace service while at the same time setting the lowest Council Tax in outer London.
Want to know more? Read the answers to our frequently asked questions about Newham's Budget Challenge (PDF).

Your views

Between August and October 2015 we asked residents to give their views on the services that matter most to them during our Budget Challenge consultation.
We ran a face to face survey with representative sample of Newham's population and gave all local residents and stakeholders the chance to tell us their views during an open consultation.
We have produced two reports of our findings:

Our response to Newham’s Budget Challenge

The Newham Budget Challenge consultation helped us to agree our budget for 2016/2017 and a New Deal for residents.

The New Deal for Newham is a package of measures that will see £100 million investment in the borough’s roads, footpaths and lights over the next ten years; steps to keep the borough safer, cleaner and greener; and continued investment in helping Newham residents find jobs.

Efficiency Plan 2016 - 2020

The Council faces further yearly funding reductions, amounting to £42.6m by 2020. Our Efficiency Plan 2016 - 2020, based on our Medium Term Financial Strategy (MTFS), sets out how we will continue to change the way we deliver services, generate income, build our independence, and create efficiencies in order to meet the challenges ahead and continue to deliver for our residents.

Publishing the Plan enables us to accept the government’s four year funding settlement, providing greater certainty over the level of grant income from government in the coming years.
London Borough of Newham Efficiency Plan 2016-2020Read the Mayor’s Final Budget Proposals, Medium Term Financial Strategy and Council Tax Setting Proposals 2016-17
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