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Pollution control - environmental permits

You need a permit to run some types of industrial process in Newham.

We regularly inspect businesses to make sure they run within the conditions of their permits.​

​What types of industrial activities need a permit?

You can find out which activities need a permit on the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) website.

Types of environmental permit

There are three types of activities that need an environmental permit:
  • Part A1
  • Part A2
  • Part B
The Environment Agency regulates Part A1 activities. You can find information about all Part A1 regulated activities in Newham on the Environment Agency website.

We regulate Part A2 and Part B activities. We list them in a public register. You can find a summary of all mobile plant and other activities on our Part A2 and Part B regulated sites in Newham page. Or if you want more information from the public register, use our online form.

How to apply for an environmental permit

If you think your activity may need an environmental permit, phone us on 020 3373 0643.

Using a mobile plant in Newham

If you wish to temporarily use a mobile concrete crusher or screener on a construction or waste site in Newham, you must contact us before it is relocated.

We will need to know:
  • the plant details
  • the name of the local authority where the mobile plant is permitted
  • when you plan to move the mobile plant into Newham.
If you wish to permanently locate a crusher or screener on a waste site, you must apply to us for an environmental permit.

We must be told about any changes to your business addresses if you use a mobile plant in Newham.

Consultations on environmental permits

If you apply for a new permit – or apply to change (vary) an existing permit in a way which affects the control of pollution – we may ask the public for their views on the application.

Public register of permit applications

If you apply for a permit or to change a permit, we will make the following information available on the public register:
  • application
  • correspondence
  • permit documents (including the permit and inspection)
  • comments from the public as part of the consultation
unless they affect commercial confidentiality or national security.
We keep this register, and you can view it during our normal office hours.

Comment on a permit application

If you live or work in Newham, and you want to take part in a consultation, we will put your written comments on the public register unless you ask us not to.
Send your comments to:
Environmental Control
London Borough of Newham
Newham Dockside
1000 Dockside Road
E16 2QU
Make sure you include your name and address with any comment you make.
Call us on 020 3373 6654 for more information.

Appealing the refusal of a permit

If we refuse your application for a permit, you can appeal. Call us on 020 3373 6654.
If your appeal fails you can appeal to the Secretary of State within six months of the date of our decision.

What we can do if you break the conditions of an environmental permit

If you break the conditions of your permit we can issue an enforcement notice or take legal action. If we issue a notice, it will set out what you have to do comply within a fixed period of time.

If you do not do what you are asked in the notice, we will take action against you. Action may result in a fine or a prison sentence. The sentence will be based on the seriousness of the offence and the size of your company.
To find out about the law behind our powers, go to the DEFRA website.
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