£150 Council Tax Rebate for Bands A to D

Payment for households who do not pay Council Tax by Direct Debit

Sign up for Direct Debit

Eligible households can get their £150 council tax energy rebate quicker (in some circumstances) if they sign up to pay their council tax by direct debit.

While it could still take some time to receive the energy rebate, Direct Debit is the most efficient option so we do encourage you to set up a Direct Debit if you can.

Go to our ‘How to pay your council tax’ page on the Newham Council website.

Select ‘Set up a direct debit’ – and complete the online direct debit form.

This sets up the direct debit automatically – with any exceptions normally dealt with within 2 working days. Please note that we have to take a payment to validate the bank account details before the energy rebate can be paid. Depending on the installment date chosen this can take up to 6 weeks.

Payment for households who do not pay Council Tax by Direct Debit

We will be sending letters or emails to the 51000 eligible households who do not pay their Council Tax by Direct Debit with instructions on how to apply. Not everyone will receive their letter or email immediately so please bear with us over the next few weeks from 27 June as the letters or emails are sent out.

There will be 2 main options for receiving the payment: 

  • Payment to your bank account (this will not show on your Council Tax bill); or 
  • A credit to your Council Tax account.

What to do when you receive your letter

The letter or email will include an individual "Access Key" for the secure portal we have developed for residents to provide their bank account details for payment. The bank account must be in the name of a person who is liable for Council Tax – this will be the name appearing on the Council Tax bill.

Bank details submitted through the secure portal will undergo necessary validation checks before the payment process begins.

If residents do not apply within 6 weeks from the date the letter is received, we will credit their council tax account with the £150 to ensure we secure the benefit of the rebate for the household.

Please follow the one of the steps below;

1. If you have received your letter, you can request the Energy Rebate now;

If you are not paying your Council Tax by direct debit, you can request your energy rebate is paid directly to your bank account. To complete the application for this, you will need to have ready:

  • Your Name 
  • Council Tax Account Number
  • An email address
  • An Access Key (This is provided on the Letter or Email we send to you)

To get the money paid into your bank account, please click on the button below to give us your details securely.

Energy Rebate Payment paid into your bank account

If you have received your letter and you need help accessing the secure portal

Please go to your local library if you need help and our staff will be able to assist you. You can also ring 020 8430 2000. Please be patient as we are taking a high number of calls about this


2. If you would rather the £150 be paid against your Council Tax Account, or you would rather not give us your Bank Details;

You do not have to do anything and we will use the £150 to reduce your Council Tax charge. This will be done 6 weeks after the date of the correspondence we send to you.