Housing Benefit and Council Tax Reduction

Council Tax Reduction appeals and disputes

If you don’t agree with our decision not to give you Council Tax Reduction, or you disagree with the amount you are to receive, you can get an explanation or dispute the decision.​​

​Check your Council Tax Reduction decision is correct 

Every time we make a decision on your Council Tax Reduction we will send you a notification decision letter. If the decision changes the amount of council tax you have to pay you will also receive a new council tax bill. 

This will tell you how your reduction was worked out, how much reduction you will receive or if you do not qualify for a reduction. You should check this letter carefully. 

If any of the information is wrong, missing or you are unsure about it you should contact us as soon as possible. 

If you don't understand the decision 

You can ask us to either explain our decision verbally or provide you an explanation in writing.

Complete our form to request an explanation​ 

We will send you a written explanation on how the decision was made. If you do not agree with the explanation you can ask us to look at the decision again.

If you think our decision is wrong 

If you think we have made a mistake, or you have information or evidence that you believe will change our decision, you can ask us to look again at our decision.

Complete our form to ask us to look again at th​e decision​

We will look at the decision again and advise you in writing whether the decision has been changed or if it will stay the same. 

Appeal our decision 

You must have asked us to look again at the decision first before you can appeal to the independent Valuation Tribunal. 

Having asked us to look again at the decision you still think our decision is wrong you can appeal the decision to an independent tribunal. Your appeal must be made within two months of when you were notified of our reconsidered decision. 

The Valuation Tribunal may allow a late appeal if you can satisfy them that is was not practical for you to have made the appeal within the two month deadline. 

If in the unlikely event that we do not deal with your initial dispute within two months you can appeal directly to the Valuation Tribunal. 

Before making an appeal we recommended that you seek advice from an independent advice agency. There is more information about the appeal process on the Valuation Tribunal website​. ​

Appeal directly to the Valuation Tribunal

Who can request an explanation or dispute a decision

A request for an explanation or a dispute of a decision can only be made by a person liable for Council Tax or someone appointed by them or with power of attorney to act on their behalf. 

If you ask us to look at our decision again or you appeal to the Valuation Tribunal, you must still pay your Council Tax while you wait for a reply.