Stratford Workshops

On this page you can find out what the Stratford Workshops can offer your business and how to apply for a unit.

About Stratford Workshops

Stratford Workshops are made up of affordable 100 self-contained workshop units, which range from 100 sq ft to 1,800 sq ft.

They have been an ideal place for small and new businesses to grow for the last 30 years.

The workshops can be accessed:

  • 7.30am to 8.30pm on weekdays
  • 8am to 4pm on Saturdays.

On Sundays and bank holidays the workshops are closed.

What the Stratford Workshops can offer your business

The Stratford Workshops offer:

  • Affordable self-contained units
  • An on-site caretaker and centre manager including after-hours security
  • 24 hour CCTV
  • Car-parking
  • A loading bay
  • A goods lift
  • Your own pigeon hole for incoming post sorted by the management.

Other benefits include:

Good location and transport connections

The workshops are conveniently located in the heart of Stratford.

Situated just off the A11, the workshops are 0.5 miles away (nine minute walk) from Stratford Station, which provides access to the Underground, DLR and overground railway services.

The workshops are also close to Stratford Mall, which includes numerous major banks, shops, cafes and bars.

Straightforward application and monthly bills

Your monthly bill, which is due in equal instalments on the first day of every month, is made up of an occupation charge which includes a service charge.

We calculate the service charge by multiplying the unit area (in square feet) by the service charge rate (per square foot). We are responsible for setting the service charge rate and review it regularly.

Any electricity and gas that you use in the unit is metered and billed monthly.

It is straightforward to apply for a workshop licence so you will be able to move in quickly. The process usually takes two to four weeks, but if you need to move in sooner, we can organise this for you.

Business advisory service

Our Business Development Team is available to help you on a variety of business issues. The team can also put you in contact with specialised support agencies.

For more information contact the Newham Business Desk

Apply for a Stratford Workshop unit

It is quick and easy to apply for a Stratford Workshop unit:

We hand over the units in a clean and presentable condition. As a licencee, you can choose how you decorate, furnish and equip your unit.

Your licence explained

Before we grant you a licence you must:

  • Fill in an application form and have a satisfactory credit rating
  • Pay a deposit and set up a direct debit to pay your monthly occupation charge.

Other points to note:

  1. Your licence is for a two year fixed-term period
  2. Break-option out of your licence is available at three months’ notice
  3. You must pay your three months occupation charge in advance
  4. Your occupation charge includes a service charge