Inspection of Children’s Social Care Services

Ofsted inspection results

You can read the full inspection report here​.

What we are doing well

  • When children in Newham are identified as being in need of help and protection, they are appropriately safeguarded
  • The quality of help and protection of our disabled children’s team is strong
  • Our social workers know their children well, and many children benefit from good quality assessments
  • Most children in care live in appropriate placements that meet their needs
  • The emotional and mental health needs of children in care are understood and met.

Where Ofsted said we have fallen short

  • Since the last Ofsted inspection in 2014, there has been a significant deterioration in children’s services
  • Progress has not been made in making necessary improvements identified in 2014
  • Leaders are failing in their duties to children in care and care leavers
  • Leaders have yet to create an environment for social work to flourish
  • There has been a lack of ambition for children.