The Mayor of Newham’s Youth Safety Board

Youth safety

Newham Council is committed to ensuring that everyone in the borough feels safe to walk our streets and enjoy all that Newham has to offer. Our young people are vital to us, to the future of the borough, and we must ensure they have a sense of worth, of their contribution to our society and communities and assure them that we are providing support and encouragement to them for their futures.

Newham’s approach to Youth Safety

Officers across our Childrens, Youth Empowerment Service (YES) and Community Safety teams are strengthening our response to critical incidents in partnership with the Police to ensure families and communities receive the targeted support they need. In addition, our Community Parenting Advocates (CPAs) offer is building a cohort of leaders and trusted adults in your local communities. These CPAs, working in partnership with Council Officers, will be your first port of call for advice, signposting and support at any time -  and we will launch this offer with you more widely soon.

Our Police colleagues have refreshed their Local Ward Panel approach, ensuring more residents can work with us to deliver a relevant, local support response.

Please contact Superintendent Ian Brown - [email protected] (Local Ward Panels) and Inspector Dominic Nye - [email protected] (Schools and Colleges Youth Ward Panels) to find out more and get involved. Our Community Assemblies programme is up-and-running, where residents can get involved and have their say.

Families in need of advice and critical support can find out more about our direct service offers here, with updates added on a weekly basis. Our Preventing Child and Exploitation Harm Hub (PCEHH) launched on Monday 24 May. This is a crucial, staff and professionals working group which brings together our colleagues in Children Social Care MASH Team with the wider professionals working group to support children and young people. Officers across Newham can find out more and refer in children and young people you are worried about here [email protected]

Our Youth Safety Board is focused against devising a Youth Safety Schools offer, available to our schools, children and young people. This vital resource will provide targeted support to children and young people in need of support at critical points of transition, from primary to secondary school, as well as supporting our young people against transitioning into adulthood and the world of work and employment.

Parents, children and young people can keep abreast of our weekly updated schedule of activities via the YES Padlet Programme.

Please tell all our children and young people about our Youth Empowerment Fund, which they themselves can access directly to apply for funds which can make a real difference in all aspects of their lives. Find out more on our Youth Empowerment Fund page.

We welcome further and continued working with our Voluntary, Faith and Community Sector partners, and invite your continued input and engagement via VCS Forum – Youth Safety working group. Please contact [email protected] to link in, work with us and find out more.

Ensure all our Newham Schools apply to our HAF – ‘Holiday Activities and Food’ Programme. This phenomenal opportunity will ensure 32 Schools/HAF Hubs, across both Primary and Secondary schools who can apply for grant funds of up to £50k to be used to support our most vulnerable children and young people over the summer break.  

Interested schools should contact Volker Nissen (Newham HAF Coordinator), [email protected] to find out more!

Should any safeguarding concerns arise for you all, then please do contact our MASH social care team.

We will continue regular engagement with you all, to keep you updated further re all the ways we can continue to work together against our prioritised youth safety agenda.