Anti-social and nuisance behaviour

Support for victims of Anti-Social Behaviour

If you experience anti-social behaviour, there is a lot of support available including:  

  • An independent domestic violence adviser - if you report sexual harassment or domestic violence. Please visit our domestic violence support page to find out about reporting domestic violence if you suspect someone is in danger, and where to get help in Newham if you are suffering abuse.  
  • A home visit – if you can’t visit a council office, for example because you are disabled; you or someone on your behalf can contact us by phone, and we will normally make an appointment 
  • Confidentiality – we will not give out details of your reports of anti-social behaviour 
  • Removal of racist or offensive graffiti within 24 hours of you reporting it; we will remove non-offensive graffiti within seven days 

We might refer you to other agencies and support services to help you, should you need it.