Anti-social and nuisance behaviour

How we investigate anti-social behaviour

We assess all reports of anti-social behaviour to ensure that we are the most appropriate team to investigate your complaint. We will attempt to resolve the issue/s using local interventions however if the anti-social behaviour does not stop, we will make use of the tools and powers available to us which may lead to legal action against the perpetrator/s. 

We adopt a multi-agency approach, when required, to ensure a collaborative problem-solving strategy is in place to deal with the issue. This can include liaising with the Police, Law Enforcement, Adults & Children’s Safeguarding, Mental Health, Social Landlords and others. 

Reporting hate crime 

Hate crime includes domestic violence, racist and homophobic crime. If you are a victim of a hate crime, you think you are, or you witness it, please contact the police who can help you.  

They will offer you support and give you practical help and advice, so you can decide what to do next. Call 999 in an emergency or call the Metropolitan Police non-emergency number 101. 

The Metropolitan Police take hate crime very seriously. They take strong action against people who commit these crimes. They also support the needs of victims, working with other agencies (including the council) to do this. We can help the police, for example by using CCTV to stop or detect hate crime. 

Council tenants and anti-social behaviour 

If you are a council tenant and you commit criminal offences, hate crime or anti-social behaviour, you will be in breach of your tenancy terms and conditions and you may lose your tenancy. 

Private tenants and anti-social behaviour 

If you are a private tenant and you commit criminal offences, hate crime or anti-social behaviour, your landlord will be notified and you may lose your tenancy 

Ongoing problems and what to do 

If you have reported an ongoing problem of anti-social behaviour, but do not believe it has been dealt with, you can ask the Community Safety Partnership to review the responses to the complaints under the Community Trigger.

Report anti-social behaviour