Anti-social and nuisance behaviour

Ongoing problems and what to do

If you (or others) have reported an incident 3 or more times within a 6 month period you can activate the Community Trigger (also known as ASB Case Review) by contacting the Council.  This has been designed to give you, the victim, the right to demand that agencies deal with persistent anti-social behaviour.

There will be a multi-agency case review which involves various agencies (eg. local Police, Local Authority, Housing Association, NHS).  They will review your case and the actions taken and will endeavour to ultimately fix the problem and stop the anti-social behaviour.

If you have reported an ongoing problem of anti-social behaviour, but do not believe it has been dealt with, you can ask the Community Safety Partnership to review the responses to the complaints under the Community Trigger. 

Report anti-social behaviour




Additional sources of information:

1. Noise from other sources: 

a. Events at Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park 

The events are spread throughout the park, but are controlled by LLDC and not Newham. Should you have any queries or complaints about any of these events you should contact the LLDC directly.  

London Legacy Development Corporation's website

b. Events at the London Stadium 

The events are controlled by London Stadium 185 and not Newham Council. Should you have any queries or complaints about any of these events we advise that you contact LS185 directly. 

London Stadium website

c. Noise from industry 

For information and advice on noise problems caused by industry, go to our Industrial noise page.

d. Noise problems we can’t help you with 

We can’t do anything about ordinary domestic noise; talking, walking about, babies crying, doors slamming, fireworks and helicopters. These are classed as being part of everyday life and the courts do not accept this as a nuisance.