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Tell us what we are doing right and let us know when something goes wrong.

You can use our feedback form to make suggestions about our services, tell us what went well, or could be better. Or you may want to pass on a compliment to a member of the team.

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If things go wrong

We know that things don’t always go right. You can report a number of issues on our Report It page.

Report It page

If you are still dissatisfied with how we have dealt with an issue, you have the right to make a formal complaint under our complaints procedures.

You can also report problems on the move through your smart phone or tablet using Love Newham which is part of the Love Clean Streets app. 

Are all complaints dealt with the same way?

You can make most complaints about council services using our online complaints form.

However there are separate arrangements for dealing with complaints about:

If you have complaints or questions about your immigration status, you should contact your local MP, you can find their details on the MGOV platform.

Time limit

You have 12 months after an incident to submit your complaint. We are not obliged to investigate incidents which happened more than 12 months ago.

Legal action

If you are taking legal action against the council you cannot make a complaint if it concerns the matter you are taking legal action over. You can make a complaint about an unrelated matter.

Complaining on someone else’s behalf

You can make a complaint on behalf of a friend or relative but you must have a signed letter from that person which authorises you to take the action.

Help with making your complaint

If you would like help to make a representation or complaint, please email and we will arrange for someone to assist you. This person is called an advocate.

If you are under 18 years of age and receive help from our Children and Young People Services you have a legal right to an advocate.

You can tell us when we’re doing something good too!

It’s great to hear when something goes well. So please use our online form to give your feedback when things go well too, whether it’s feedback on our website, a service or help you have received from a specific member of our team.

Give us your feedback