Coronavirus information and advice for residents

Social distancing in Newham

Newham Council is extending footways in some parts of the borough as part of proposals to ensure social distancing can be maintained on our high streets and to help ease pressure on public transport, by encouraging more people to walk and cycle.

The changes are part of Transport for London’s Streetspace scheme.

Footpath widening

Footpaths have been widened at a number of locations to support social distancing. A number of parking bays have been suspended until further notice. Suspended bays will be temporarily filled with tarmac to create an even footway surface for pedestrians. The bays are located along:

  • Green Street
  • High Street North
  • Woodgrange Road (between Forest Lane and Brooking Road) 

Newham has been working with TfL to identify places where temporary changes are needed to support social distancing.

The plans are aimed at:

  • Quickly building a strategic cycling network, using temporary materials and including new routes, to help reduce crowding on the Tube and trains and on busy bus routes
  • Changing town centres so local journeys can be safely walked and cycled where possible, for example with wider pavements on high streets to give space for queues outside shops as people safely walk past while socially distancing
  • Reducing traffic on residential streets, creating low-traffic corridors right across London so more people can walk and cycle as part of their daily routine

The council has installed signs on lamp posts and painted stencils on footways to encourage people to remain 2m apart.

Further social distancing changes

More changes will be introduced, and options explored, in other high ‘footfall’ areas of the borough to help residents shop, walk and cycle safely.

These include: 

  • De-cluttering our pavements to temporarily remove street furniture and other ‘obstructions’ in order to create more footway space, with high ‘footfall’ areas being prioritised first.
  • Reviewing ‘insets’ for car parking, and other parking bays, in high ‘footfall’ areas to see which ones can be removed to widen footpath areas for safe walking or cycling.
  • Examining which roads can be narrowed or converted to one-way only by using barriers to create more social distancing space.
  • Implementing one-way markings and signage on residential footpaths to promote social distancing across our borough neighbourhoods.
  • Implementing more ‘low traffic neighbourhood’ schemes to encourage walking and cycling.