Community Health Champions

Shaping and Sharing Health and Health Care in Newham

Community Health Champions are residents across Newham. Champions can be anyone in the community. You might be the person that everyone knows and trusts. You might be someone who wants to help in whatever way you can- even if this is your first time.

  • You sign up to be a Champion.
  • We give Champions information about health and health care in Newham
  • Champions share this information with anyone in their community, however they want
  • Champions let us know what is and isn’t working.

The Community Health Champions network builds on our COVID-19 Health Champions network. It empowers Newham residents to remain up to date on information about all aspects of health and health care in Newham. It is also a chance for residents to ask questions, share feedback and help shape services.

The council will also listen to feedback and answer questions about services. We can’t do specific case work but can answer general questions.

We use email and WhatsApp to share messages and host a zoom drop in the first Tuesday on each month from 7-8pm.

Together we can do all we can to make sure that everyone in Newham has the information they need to stay safe and healthy. Thank you for your part in making this happen.

How to join

If you are interested in joining our community of over 500 champions please email with your name, email and mobile phone if you would like WhatsApp messages, or message 07929 792873 with the same information.

Learning from COVID-19 Health Champions

The Community Health Champions builds on our COVID-19 Health Champions which informed national policy and was adopted by councils across the country. We have had an external learning report conducted so that we continue to improve and so that we can bring the best of the programme to other areas of health and health care.

The report shows that we have – together –learned a huge amount. We’ve influenced national policy and we’re having an impact on how we work together on health issues well beyond COVID.

We thank every person who played a role in the programme, who shared information with their friends, family and community and who added to Newham’s response to COVID-19.

For more information please contact Anne Bowers at

COVID-19 Champions Evaluation Report (PDF)

COVID-19 Champions Evaluation Summary Slides (PDF)