Coronavirus updates for your council

Information and advice on councillor surgeries, Citizens Assemblies and elections

Change to the way we conduct meetings as a result of COVID-19

Since the end of lock-down, Members of committees are being asked to attend meetings in person. All Committee are being conducted by teleconferencing and broadcast on Newham’s YouTube channel. Please see the agenda front page of the particular committee meeting when published for details of the location. Some social distancing at meetings is still in place, following local public health guidance, so member of the public and press can physically attend the meetings in person, albeit with in some cases reduced seating available. Seating is allocated on a first come first served basis.  To ensure adequate ventilation in rooms, when possible, witnesses, guests and officers may attend the meeting virtually, via Zoom video-conferencing.

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Mayoral and councillor surgeries

Face-to-face surgeries are cancelled. Telephone surgeries continue as normal.

​​Please contact your ward members, at the listed times via their advertised telephone numbers or email addresses.

Whilst face-to-face surgeries are currently suspended due to COVID-19 social distancing and associated risks, telephone surgeries and in some cases, zoom teleconferences can take place.