Covid-19 in Newham

Covid-19 management plan

This is our outbreak management plan which sets out our plans for what will happen in the instance of a local outbreak of Covid-19 in Newham. In Newham we have deliberately framed our plan as a Covid-19 management plan as a focus on prevention is as important as being able to react effectively to incidents and outbreaks. It is a dynamic document that will evolve as we continue to work with settings and communities and learn from our response to emerging incidents.

This plan is a requirement of central government and a first draft must be published by the end of June 2020.

This plan was agreed as our first draft for publication by a subgroup of Newham Council’s Health and Wellbeing Board on June 30. The Board, and a dedicated sub-group of it, will continue to regularly review both the plan itself and our delivery of the actions within it. For more information contact [email protected] our Director of Public Health.