Coronavirus updates for parking and streets

Information and advice on parking enforcement, parking permits and road maintenance

Parking enforcement

Due to the ongoing impact of Covid-19, and the Council’s temporary changes in approach to parking enforcement, we are suspending the issuing of and requirement to display all parking permits, except in very limited circumstances.

Parking enforcement will continue to deal with dangerously parked vehicles, or vehicles causing an obstruction.

The changes are to ensure we are helping businesses and people working from home; as well as ensuring that London’s critical key workers are able to travel around the borough as easily as possible.

Vehicle removals will focus only on dangerously and obstructively parked vehicles. Additionally we are opting to relocate vehicles rather than remove them to the car pound where possible.

Due to school closures we will be suspending all Healthy School Streets including suspending the camera enforcement covering all entry points outside schools until further notice.

Camera enforcement on other moving traffic controls, such as no entries, banned turns and yellow boxes will continue for important safety and traffic management reasons.

The above measures are temporary and will be continuously under review.

Parking permits

The issuing of parking permits has been suspended until further notice. The only exception is Disabled Resident Parking Permits and Access Permits (that grant access to a specific area), which will still be issued and must be used when parking in the relevant area. 

Unfortunately due to a technical issue with our systems, there have been instances where renewal letters for permits have been sent out in error. We apologise for any confusion and inconvenience that has arisen from this.

We will post updates when we start issuing all parking permits again

Car compound

The car compound is operating reduced hours.

​Monday to Saturday 9am - 5pm

Sunday 10am - 2pm

Road maintenance

Only urgent safety repairs are being carried out. All planned works or improvement schemes have been suspended.