Coronavirus support for vulnerable and high risk people


The Council’s #HelpNewham programme provides support to Newham residents who are in need during the COVID-19 pandemic, and don’t have support around them.

As the pandemic is declining, restrictions continue to ease and shielding ends (31 July 2020), #HelpNewham is transitioning into Well Newham, supporting Newham’s residents with all areas of their health and wellbeing. This means we are reducing food box deliveries for those who do not need them anymore as we help residents to access online shopping and volunteer support.

If you have been receiving a #HelpNewham food box and are able to afford to buy groceries, please get in touch to stop your parcel and register for online shopping.

You can contact #HelpNewham by:

Click here to complete the #HelpNewham form

Please note, you may receive one more delivery as the system could take time to update.

To view the support services currently provided to Newham residents by our voluntary sector partners click here to view our live map.

If you are expecting a food box delivery and it has not arrived please contact 07790 952 984.

Online Shopping

Newham Council can access priority delivery slots at Iceland or Tesco for residents.

This programme is for those who have not been able to access supermarket grocery delivery slots themselves, and do not have friends or family who can pick up groceries for them.

When you choose this option on the #HelpNewham form one of our staff will contact you and discuss the options available. They will then enter your details into the DEFRA programme portal, with your agreement. Depending on which option you choose you will either be provided with a code or receive an email from the supermarket with a reference number and instructions.

Once we have registered you with the programme, you will be able to order your groceries online yourself.

I’m isolating because I’ve got COVID-19 / I’ve been told to isolate by Test & Trace

If you are isolating due to COVID-19 symptoms, or have been told to by Test and Trace, you will need to stay home and not leave the house for 7-14 days.

During this period, you can order groceries and food to be delivered, or have friends and family bring you food, as long as they leave it outside your door and stand more than 2 metres away from the door / leave before you open the door.

If you’re unable to access food via delivery, friends, or family during your period of isolation you can request a food parcel for two weeks by completing the #HelpNewham form.

Click here to complete the #HelpNewham form:

Can I get help with picking up my prescriptions?

If you already get your prescription medications delivered to your home, this will continue.

If you do not already get them delivered, please ask someone you trust to collect them for you.

If that is not possible, please contact your pharmacist or NHS volunteers (0808 196 3646) to make arrangements.