COVID-19 Testing & Treatment


The NHS is offering antibody and antiviral treatments to people with coronavirus (COVID-19) who are at highest risk of becoming seriously ill.

Treatment eligibility

You're eligible for COVID-19 treatments if all of the following apply:

  • you're aged 12 or over
  • you're at highest risk of getting seriously ill from COVID-19
  • you have symptoms of COVID-19
  • you have tested positive for COVID-19

How to access treatment

If you are eligible for COVID-19 treatments, you will have been sent some lateral flow tests to use when you have symptoms. You must report a positive result via the website to access treatment. If you receive a negative result but have symptoms you should take another test on each of the next two days (three tests in total over three days).

If you report a positive test result, you will be contacted by the NHS. If you are not contacted within 24 hours of your positive test, call your GP surgery, 111, or your specialist clinician (if you have one), who can make an urgent referral.

If you run out of tests you can order more from the government website. 

Note: Tests bought from a shop cannot be registered on the government website at present and therefore cannot be used to access treatment.

You may have been sent a PCR test kit to keep at home. You do not need to use this test to access testing but may be asked to use it if you receive treatment.

Find out more on the NHS website.