Re-opening of shops, shopping centres, markets and places of worship

Changes to lockdown guidance

Changes to lockdown guidance, 23 June 2020 – all measures to take effect from 4 July.

23 June 2020: As set out in the Prime Minister’s address to the House of Commons and the daily press conference.

Social distancing:

  • Where it is not possible to stay 2m apart, a 1m plus rule should be observed. This is a distance of 1 metre, plus additional precautions such as a face covering or plastic shield (specific to tills services in shops and suchlike). 
  • Guidance is to be published on how businesses can reduce risk to staff. These recommendations are to cover both the 2m and 1m+ social distancing guidelines.
  • For instance, avoiding face-to-face seating by:
        -changing office layouts;
        -reducing the number of people in enclosed spaces;
        -improving ventilation;
        -using protective screens and face coverings;
        -closing non-essential social spaces;
        -providing hand sanitiser;
        -changing shift patterns so that staff work in set teams. 
  • The advice remains to work from home if you are able. 
  • Outdoor gatherings of up to 6 people from different households can continue to meet, whilst continuing to maintain a 2m/1m+ social distance.
  • Two households of any size can meet both outdoors and indoors, and stay overnight.  But they must continue to maintain a 2m/1m+ social distance – unless they are in a support bubble in which case they do not have to observe social distancing.

Reopening of businesses:

  • The following venues/ businesses can reopen, following guidance specific to their sector (expected to be published by government late on 23/06 or early 24/06)
        -Restaurants and pubs (indoors and outdoors), with measures such as table service only, using apps etc. Some of these businesses will also be collecting customer details for test and trace purposes.
        -Hotels, campsites, B&Bs, caravan parks (a knock on effect here is there has been no detail so far about the impact on those who are being housed in hotels under the Everyone In policy)
        -Hairdressers and barbers, with use of visors
        -Museums and galleries
        -Outdoor playgrounds and theme parks
        -Libraries, social clubs, community centres
        -Places of worship will reopen for prayer and services, whilst observing social distancing with a maximum of 30 people. This includes weddings (no further info on funerals yet). 

Schools and CYP: 

  • Wrap-around care for school age children and formal childcare will resume over the summer 
  • Primary and secondary education will recommence with full attendance in September, and those children who can already go to school should do so. 


  • Those who are shielding will be allowed to form support bubbles from 6th July, and meet up to 6 people outside whilst observing social distancing 
  • Government shielding support package will remain in place until the end of July. On August 1st, guidance will be relaxed and people will no longer be advised to shield, but support from NHS, local councils, and measures such as specified supermarket hours will remain. 

The Prime Minister stressed in both statements that there will most likely be flare-ups for which local measures will be needed (this is most likely to apply to London and other urban areas) and that the government will re-introduce restrictions even at national level - if required.