Volunteer with #HelpNewham

Find out how you can help support members of the community in our #HelpNewham hub

The Council has launched #HelpNewham – a way of delivering support to residents who are most in need.  We are using a network of schools and council buildings across our community neighbourhoods to act as distribution centres for support services for our residents.  

#HelpNewham offers support to:   

  • Residents aged over 70 who live alone and do not have the support of friends or family
  • Those who receive support through adult social care and who have health conditions identified by the NHS
  • Young people whom we care for or support through social services
  • Families with children with special educational needs and disabilities 
  • Members of our street homeless community 
  • Families living in temporary accommodation
  • Those who have been contacted directly by the NHS as part of their programme to shield 1.5 million people nationwide

If you are interesting in volunteering as an individual or community group we want to make sure that your support is directed to where it is most needed, whether that is delivering food parcels, providing information or sharing tasks like shopping or picking up medications.

To sign up to volunteer, please email us directly at: [email protected] or call 020 3770 4444. 

Alternatively, visit the activenewham website to find out how to volunteer.