Get involved in shaping the new Newham Race Equality Alliance

Nominate yourself to become a member of the Alliance

We want the Alliance to be made up of people with insight and interest in race, ethnicity, and human rights and who have the ability, experience, opportunity, and power to make changes in their sector, industry and institutions or organisations.

It will include people from different sectors or walks of life from our local communities to ensure the Alliance reflects the diversity of our communities. The members of the Alliance need to be willing to act as race equality champions in the borough to challenge & support local institutions and communities to tackle systemic inequalities, racism, and discrimination.

There will be an independent chair and independent members who can nominate themselves to be on the Alliance. The Council will be represented by a Vice Chair, who will be the Commissioner of Social Integration & Equalities to provide an interface between the Alliance and the Council.

We are looking for people to nominate themselves to become members of the Alliance, and for people to apply to become its first chair.