Get involved in shaping the new Newham Race Equality Alliance

Nominate yourself to be a member of the Newham Race Equality Alliance

We want the Newham Race Equality Alliance to include people from different sectors or walks of life from our local communities to ensure the Alliance reflects the diversity of our communities. The Alliance will be made up of people with insight and interest in race, ethnicity, and human rights and who have the ability, experience, opportunity, and power to make changes in their sector, industry and institutions or organisations.

The members of the Alliance need to be willing to act as race equality champions in the borough to challenge & support local institutions and communities to tackle systemic inequalities, racism, and discrimination.

If that sounds like a challenge that you’d like to play an active role and would like to become a member of the Alliance, get involved now!

You have two options:

  • Nominate yourself to become a member of the Alliance, see below
  • Nominate yourself to become the chair of the Alliance, see the next page

If you’d like to nominate yourself as a member, complete this online form by Monday 13th September at 9am and tell us:

  1. Why the Alliance and the issue of race equality is so important to you?
  2. How you embody the values & principles of the alliance?
  3. How you’d want to act as a race equality champion in the borough?

To bring to life your personality and passion, we would like to answer these questions by video in no more than 3 minutes and then include a weblink to the video you’ve created.

If you cannot use video, you can enter in your responses by text in the online form.

What will happen next?

An assessment panel will review the submissions based on how well your submission embodies the values, principles & objectives of the Alliance and to ensure the Alliance includes people from different backgrounds, walks of life and sectors within Newham.

Following this process, we will be launching the Newham Race Equality Alliance in October. Following the launch, we will then work with newly appointed Chair, Vice Chair and members of the Alliance to plan the priorities and future sessions.