Award and Recognition Schemes

Background and Awards Panel

In November 2021, Newham Council agreed proposals for a more open and transparent process for recommending recipients of the Freedom of the Borough and Honorary Alderperson woman/man Awards to Council.

It was agreed that nominations for the award would be sought by asking residents and members directly - with an assessment and evaluation undertaken by an Awards Panel composed of council members and community representatives.

It was also agreed that the Awards Panel would oversee the development of a civic awards scheme to acknowledge the exceptional contributions of local residents; which would run complimentary to the established Freedom of the Borough and Honorary Alderperson woman/man schemes; and thereby bringing a systematic approach to awards being conferred to individuals by the Council.

The Newham Civic Award scheme’s development is based on the Council wishing to recognise the extraordinary achievements and dedication of Newham’s residents and communities. A new Newham Civic Awards scheme will celebrate and acknowledge those ordinary Newham residents and organisations who have done extraordinary things to help their community.


The Awards Panel is the principal body overseeing the implementation of the Newham Civic Awards Scheme, and will be supported by officers to develop and implement the scheme, as well as the processes pertaining to the Freedom of the Borough and the Honorary Alderman / Alderwoman awards. 

The Awards Panel is made of the following Members:

  • Mayor Rokhsana Fiaz OBE, Mayor of Newham and Chair of the Awards Panel
  • Cllr Vaughan, Chair of Council
  • Cllr McAlmont, Chair of Overview & Scrutiny
  • Reza Chowdhury Independent Chair of Standards Advisory Committee
  • Cllr Rohit Dasgupta, Commissioner for Social Integration and Equalities
  • Other Elected Member TBC
  • 2 x Youth Representatives: currently being finalised through an nomination process being undertaken by the Youth Empowerment Service TBC
  • 2 x External borough-wide partner representatives (to be confirmed)