Our Priorities and Performance

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Corporate Plan

The Corporate Plan shows what the council will do over the period 2020-23 to achieve the administration’s vision for Newham. The Plan is informed by the pledges set out in the Mayor’s manifesto and reflects the council’s proposed medium term financial plan.

The shift to three year aligned financial and policy planning is another step in restoring good and effective governance to the council, and reflects good practice elsewhere in local government. It also provides a framework for the individual service plans that are being developed by the council’s operational services.

The version of the Corporate Plan, below, was approved by the council's Cabinet in March 2020, shortly before the impact of the Covid pandemic became apparent, and now needs to be refreshed. It is expected that a final, revised version of the Plan will be published later in 2020. 

Corporate plan 2020-23 (PDF)

Our Service Planning Process

This ensures each directorate identifies how they will deliver their services and what they will be doing to support the delivery of our priorities and the Corporate Plan. This enables staff to know how their work contributes to achieving the council's priorities and objectives.

Performance Management Framework

This Performance Management Framework (PMF) has been designed to ensure that the Council’s vision and priorities are translated into clear plans and measurable outcomes which are appropriately monitored and delivered by officers and elected members.

  • Clearly articulate our priorities and desired outcomes
  • Prioritise what gets done within the resources available
  • Provide and demonstrate value for money
  • Provide good services and satisfaction for users and the local community
  • Improve performance
  • Motivate and manage our staff

Performance Management Framework 2019/20 ​(PDF)

Performance Measures and Corporate Plan Actions

We also have a set of key strategic Performance Measures to help us to monitor our progress against Council priorities. Performance against these indicators is measured on a monthly basis (where possible) with progress considered by the Corporate Management Team and Cabinet on a quarterly basis.

Our Corporate Plan has set priorities and objectives with high level actions which are monitored every quarter to track progress.

Performance reporting documents

Quarter 4: 2019/20 - Council End of Year Performance Report

Council Performance Report Quarter 4 (PDF)

Appendix 1: Summary of 2019-20 Performance and Corporate Plan actions (PDF)

Appendix 2: Corporate Plan Measures Report 2019-2020 (PDF)

Quarter 3: 2019/20​ ​

Council Performance Report (PDF)

Appendix 1: Summary of Key Corporate Plan Actions and Performance Issues Quarter 3 - 2019-20 (PDF)

Appendix 2: Performance Report Quarter 3 - 2019-20 (External link)

Appendix 3: Corporate Plan - Action Plan Monitoring Quarter 3 - 2019-20​ (PDF)

Quarter 2: 2019/20

Performance Measures Quarter 2 2019/20 (External link)

Corporate Performance Actions Quarter 2 2019/20​ (PDF)​

Quarter 1: 2019/20

Performance Measures Quarter 1 2019/20 (PDF)​

Corporate Performance Actions Quarter 1 2019/20 (External link)