COVID-19 Health Champions

Keeping Newham Safe during COVID-19

COVID-19, and the measures taken in response, continue to impact all of us in Newham.

The COVID-19 Health Champions network empowers thousands of Newham residents to remain up to date on the latest advice about COVID-19. The council will keep you informed of the latest advice and guidance so that you can help your family, friends and other community members to make sense of the latest facts about the virus.

By having and sharing clear information, you, your friends, family and community can make informed choices.

Become a COVID-19 Health Champion

COVID-19 Health Champions are residents across Newham. Champions can be anyone in the community. You might be the person that everyone knows and trusts. You might be someone who wants to help in whatever way you can- even if this is your first time.

  • You sign up to be a Champion.
  • We give Champions the latest information about COVID-19.
  • Champions share this information with anyone in their community, however they want.
  • Champions let us know what is and isn’t working.

Together we can do all we can to make sure that everyone in Newham has the information they need to stay safe and healthy. Thank you for your part in making this happen.

Registration form for COVID-19 Health Champion

COVID-19 Health Champion information sessions

Information and induction sessions about COVID-19 Health Champions are held every other Wednesday at 7pm via Zoom. If you’re not able to join please email or phone and someone from the team will be happy to talk through the programme. More information will be shared upon induction after you’ve registered.