5 Ways to a Healthier Life

Healthy Money

Money worries can affect us all, and even more so now with the increased cost of living. It can be a struggle to pay bills, deal with debt or find a job, and this can make it difficult to live a healthy life.

If this is something you are facing there is a lot of support available in Newham to help you.

For advice and information on the following topics, see pages 18-22 in the Our 5 Ways to a Healthier Life booklet (PDF):

  • Help with money
  • Support for NHS costs
  • Help to get a job
  • Knowing your rights at work
  • Learning skills and training support
  • Help with housing

“Without Our Newham Money I would not have been able to put food on the table for my three children, thank you Our Newham Money… for helping me through a very difficult time.” Newham Resident

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