Accessible transport

Accessible public transport

BSL Support

Transport for London (TfL) has a wide range of resources and schemes to make travelling on London transport easier for people that are older, pregnant, travelling with children or disabled including:

Transport for All

Transport for All is an organisation led by disabled and older people who champion the cause of accessible transport in London. Transport for All believes in a fully accessible, reliable and affordable transport network for disabled and older people. They provide:

  • Advice
  • Information
  • Advocacy
  • Training to people who use public transport
  • Training for those who provide accessible transport in the London.

Passenger Assist

If you would feel more confident travelling with a little extra support, you can use the Passenger Assistance service offered by all train companies. The service offers a helping hand around the station, help boarding a train or arranging a ramp.

You can book assistance 24-hours a day by contacting Passenger Assist on 0800 0223 720.

The train company you’re travelling with will organise assistance for your entire journey, even if you travel with someone else to complete the trip.

They can arrange someone to:

  • Meet you at the station entrance or meeting point
  • Help you navigate around the station and accompany you to your train
  • Help you on and off the service
  • Provide a ramp on and off your train
  • Meet you from your train and take you to your next train or the exit
  • Carry your bag (up to three items of luggage as per the National Rail Conditions of Travel).


Your local taxi company is another way of getting out and about safely if you are unable to use public transport.