Social Care Charging Reform

Proposed changes to how people pay for social care

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It is proposed that from October 2023, the way people pay for their care and support will change. 

The key changes of the Social Care Charging Reform mean:

  • No one will have to pay more than £86,000 for their personal care costs.
  • If you have less than £100,000 in savings and assets you may be able to access financial support from Adult Social Care to meet your eligible care costs.
  • We can arrange your care and support if you want us to, which can give you a choice of better value care

The Government is introducing these changes make sure that people will no longer face unpredictable or unlimited care costs.

These changes have not taken place yet and you do not need to take any action now.

The Government has put together some frequently asked questions to explain the upcoming changes are and what this could mean for you.