Coronavirus support for vulnerable and high risk people


The Council #HelpNewham programme is a way of delivering support to residents who are most in need during COVID-19.

To opt out of or reduce the #HelpNewham support you currently receive, or refer yourself or someone else to #HelpNewham please complete the form below.

Click here to complete the #HelpNewham form

#HelpNewham offers support to those without a network of support in the following groups:  

  • Residents aged over 70 who live alone and do not have the support of friends or family
  • Those who receive support through adult social care and who have health conditions identified by the NHS
  • Young people whom we care for or support through social services
  • Families with children with special educational needs and disabilities
  • Members of our street homeless community 
  • Families living in temporary accommodation
  • Those who have been contacted directly by the NHS as part of the shielding programme 
  • Those who have been asked to self-isolate for 14 days by the national Test and Trace programme

If you identify with any of the above Newham Council can provide you with the following support:  

  • Access to supermarket delivery slots at Iceland or Tesco
  • Home delivery of food and essential items (e.g. toothpaste, sanitary items)
  • Someone to talk to via our befriending telephone chat service 

Council employees are proactively calling residents who we think identify as being within one of the above categories. We may ask you questions about how you are feeling mentally and physically and whether or not you are coping financially. This is so we can direct you to the services in Newham that will be most helpful to you. Under no circumstances will we ask for payment, or bank details, or any passwords you might have.

If you are in one of the priority groups listed above or want to refer someone who is in need of support, please complete the form below or call 0208 430 2000.

Click here to complete the #HelpNewham form

How do I tell you that I no longer need #HelpNewham support?

To stop receiving #HelpNewham support please also complete the form. We will update our system and remove you from our delivery list.

Please note, you may receive one more delivery as the system could take time to update.

What does the access to supermarket delivery slots involve?

Newham Council are part of a DEFRA programme which enables us to provide access to delivery slots at Iceland or Tesco. This programme is for those who have not been able to access deliveries themselves, and do not have friends or family who can pick up groceries for them.

When you choose this programme on the #HelpNewham form one of our staff will contact you and discuss the options available. They will then enter your details into the DEFRA programme portal, with your agreement. Depending on which option you choose you will either be provided with a code or receive an email from the supermarket with a reference number and instructions.

Once we have registered you with the programme, you will be able to order your groceries online yourself.

Please note: This programme has limited capacity and registration requires you to specify how long you think you need this priority access for.

Click here to complete the #HelpNewham form

What types of things will be in the delivery pack?

We have planned the contents of the food pack to ensure that it includes healthy, nutritious food.

The pack will include things like; oats, Weetabix, milk, tea, bread, vegetable/lentil soup, tuna, nuts, rice, spaghetti, jam, baked beans, fruit and eggs.

If needed, we will also provide you with bathroom and kitchen items such as toilet paper, toothpaste, soap and washing up liquid.

We are unable to personalise the boxes based on individual preferences, but will do our best to account for allergies and dietary requirements e.g. Halal.

Can I get help with picking up my prescriptions?

If you already get your prescription medications delivered to your home, this will continue.

If you do not already get them delivered, please ask someone you trust to collect them for you.

If that is not possible, please contact your pharmacist or NHS volunteers (0808 196 3646) to make arrangements.

What is the Befriending Chat Service?

The Befriending Chat Service will provide you with the opportunity to have a chat with one of our Council employees.

Talking to others is an important part of making sure that we are looking after our health and wellbeing.

We are not able to meet people in person at the moment but the Befriending chat service will allow you to make a tea and have a friendly chat to someone on the phone!

How do I sign up for support from #HelpNewham?

If you require urgent assistance, please call our Customer Service team on 0208 430 2000.

If you do not require urgent assistance please complete the #HelpNewham form.

I am not eligible for #HelpNewham. How else can I get help?

If you, or someone you know, is not eligible for #HelpNewham but requires support, here are some other ways you can get help: 

  • Ask for help from people that you trust: It is important that you ask for help when you need it. Try calling, texting or using social media apps such as Whatsapp and Facebook to get in contact with family, friends and your neighbours. If they are healthy and able to do so, you can ask them to collect your food, essential items and medication, or call you for a chat. 
  • Voluntary Community Organisations: There are many organisations in the voluntary sector who are providing all kinds of support to people. Please call complete the #HelpNewham form and select “other” under need for referral. A member of our Customer Service Team will get in touch to provide details of the most appropriate local service. 
  • To view the support services currently provided to Newham residents by our voluntary sector partners view our live map.

If you are unsure on where to get help or need urgent assistance, please call Newham Council’s Customer Service team on 0208 430 2000.