Community builders programme

If you’ve got an idea that would benefit, and help grow your local community, our community builders programme is the perfect way to make it happen. With your help, we can grow even more vibrant and sustainable communities where people can come together and share their interests and benefit their local communities.

The Community Builders programme will:

  • Support you to get involved in your community
  • Help to turn your great idea to improve your community into reality
  • Provide a way to use your skills and knowledge in your community.

We are committed to supporting our residents to come together to form strong, cohesive and resilient communities. Across the borough eight Community Neighbourhood teams help deliver this commitment by bringing people together in community centres, libraries and other public spaces to take part in activities, introducing neighbour to neighbour and linking people through new experiences.

Community Neighbourhoods can provide help and advice, connecting people, and helping to identify resources such as space, expertise, courses and training such as first aid and funding opportunities.

What will you do to help build your community?

Do you have an idea to develop your community, support your neighbours, improve the environment, help children play and connect people? This can be a reality with support from Community Neighbourhoods.

Meet some of the people who are helping to connect people and build communities in Newham. Watch our community builder video.
If you are interested in being a community builder, here’s how you can register your interest and tell us about your ideas:

  • Email with your name, address and postcode and tell us about your ideas
  • Phone 0203 373 6486 to tell us what you would like to do and why, or for help and advice in putting your ideas into writing
  • Write down your details and ideas and drop them into your local Newham library. We will get back to you within five working days to connect you with your local Community Neighbourhood team.