Public Spaces Protection Order (PSPO)

We use Public Spaces Protection Orders to control behaviour that is either having, or is likely to have, a harmful effect on a local community’s quality of life. 

What is a PSPO? 

PSPOs put conditions or restrictions on an area which apply to everyone. They can be enforced by the police, council enforcement officers or any other authorised officers. 

We can issue a fine of £100 to anyone who breaches the PSPO. If they do not pay the fine we can take further action with a maximum fine of £1000. 

PSPOs help to make public areas safe from anti-social behaviour so they can be enjoyed by everyone. 

You can read the Home Office’s guidance on PSPOs in section 2.6 of their Reform of anti-social behaviour powers document (PDF)

Current Public Spaces Protection Orders in place in Newham 

Alcohol Control Zone PSPO 

A borough-wide alcohol control zone PSPO has been introduced to help address alcohol related crime and disorder within the borough. 

This PSPO allows Police and Authorised Officers to ask individuals to stop drinking and have their alcoholic drinks confiscated, if they are deemed to be acting antisocially. A breach of the Order will result in an FPN (Fixed Penalty Notice) of £100. 

Details of the Alcohol Control Zone order (PDF) 

Responsible dog ownership PSPO 

We have introduced a PSPO in Newham to enforce dog management restrictions and requirements within the borough. This is to address antisocial issues and problems relating to dogs and encourage responsible dog ownership. The PSPO replaces the previous Dog Control Orders (DCOs). 

The PSPO allows authorised officers to enforce against anyone breaching the conditions of the PSPO - Dog Management Order.  

This includes dog fouling, dogs off their leads in designated places and dog exclusion zones, such as children play areas. A breach of the Order will result in an FPN (Fixed Penalty Notice) of £100. 

Details of the Responsible Dog Ownership order (PDF)

PSPO to gate the access link footpath in the vicinity of Outram Road and Bendish Road, East Ham, London E6 

The section of highway to be closed currently serves as part of the footpath but is considered to attract crime and anti-social behaviour. It has been proposed that the gated closure will provide greater security for residents. 

The Order has been made and will have the effect of restricting the footpath from general pedestrian use. 

PSPO 2017: Access link footpath between Outram Road and Bendish Road, East Ham, E6 (PDF) 

Plan of the proposed gated closure location (PDF)