Resident parking permits

Resident visitor parking permits

If you live in Newham, you can apply for resident visitor parking permits which will allow your visiting friends, family or service providers working at your home to park near your home.  

Visitor permits that are correctly completed and clearly displayed, allow visitors to park in a permit holder only bay, or a shared use bay during controlled hours. 

Find out if you qualify for 30 free one-day visitor permits 

You may qualify to receive 30 free one-day resident visitor parking permits per year if: 

  • Your home is in a residential parking zone 
  • It is the first time your household has applied for resident visitor parking permits 
  • There are no vehicles registered at your property 
  • You are on the electoral roll and/or Council Tax register 

10 free visitor permits as a council tax payer

If your property is registered for Council Tax and your home is in a residential parking zone then you are eligible for 10 free all zones visitor permits per year.  

Purchase visitor parking permits 

Any other permits can be purchased online through MyNewham. The table below shows the different types of permits available. 


Number of permits per pack 

Cost per pack 

6 hours 



10 hours 


24 hours 


When can you expect your permits? 

We aim to process your application in 10 working days. If you are eligible, we will send your permits to you via second class post. 

If your visitor parking permits do not arrive within 10 working days, please call us on 020 8430 2000. Please report any missing permits within 15 working days of making your application.  

Finally, please be mindful of the expiry dates on your visitor permits. Please use your permits before they expire as we won’t replace any permits that are out of date. 

Funeral visitor permits 

In the event of a bereavement, we can provide up to 30 funeral visitor permits to allow family and friends attending a funeral or visiting a relative, to park within the zone over a 2 day period. You can park in a permit holder’s bay or a shared use bay using a funeral visitor permit.  

Please note that funeral visitor permits are issued to residential address and can’t be issued to a commercial or religious establishment.  

To apply for these permits, please visit any one of our Newham libraries with the following documents: 

  • Proof of the funeral i.e. death certificate or funeral directors letter 
  • Proof of address and ID 
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