Pollution control: environmental permits

Pollution control: environmental permits

You need a permit to run some types of industrial process in Newham. We regularly inspect businesses to make sure they run within the conditions of their permits.  

What types of industrial activities need a permit? 

You can find out which activities need a permit on the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) website.   

Types of environmental permit 

There are three types of activities that need an environmental permit: 

  • Part A1 

  • Part A2 

  • Part B 

The Environment Agency regulates Part A1 activities. You can find information about all Part A1 regulated activities in Newham on the Environment Agency website.   
We regulate Part A2 and Part B activities. We list them in a public register. You can find a summary of all mobile plant and other activities on our Part A2 and Part B regulated sites in Newham page.  
Or if you want more information from the public register, use our online form

What we can do if you break the conditions of an environmental permit 

If you break the conditions of your permit, we can issue an enforcement notice or take legal action. If we issue a notice, it will set out what you have to do comply within a fixed period of time. 
If you do not do what you are asked in the notice, we will take action against you. Action may result in a fine or a prison sentence. The sentence will be based on the seriousness of the offence and the size of your company. 

To find out about the law behind our powers, go to the DEFRA website.