Pollution control: environmental permits

How to apply for an environmental permit 

If you think your business activities may need an environmental permit, phone us on 020 3373 0643. 

Using a mobile concrete crusher or screener in Newham 

If you wish to temporarily use a mobile concrete crusher or screener on a construction or waste site in Newham, you must contact us before it is relocated. 
We will need to know: 

  • The plant details 

  • The name of the local authority where the mobile plant is permitted 

  • When you plan to move the mobile plant into Newham. 

If you wish to permanently locate a crusher or screener on a waste site, you must apply for an environmental permit.  
We must be told about any changes to your business addresses if you use a mobile plant in Newham. 

Consultations on environmental permits 

If you apply for a new permit – or apply to change (vary) an existing permit in a way which affects the control of pollution – we may ask the public for their views on the application. 

Public register of permit applications 

If you apply for a permit or to change a permit, we will make the following information available on the public register: 

  • Application 

  • Correspondence 

  • Permit documents (including the permit and inspection) 

  • Comments from the public as part of the consultation. 

Unless they affect commercial confidentiality or national security. 

We keep this register, and you can view it during our normal office hours.