Newham town centres regeneration strategy

Newham’s town centres are important everyday places, which serve local communities and visitors. They are areas of considerable economic and social activity, which have the potential to have their own individual identities. They are the places that serve people’s daily needs, but also have the ability to bring people together.

With clear strategy, coordinated efforts and funding, town centres can become extraordinary places that promote local economy, provide employment opportunities and skills development, build social cohesion, and promote healthy lifestyles and active travel through cycling and walking.

The evolving Newham Town Centres Strategy aims to create a pathway for the future of our town centres that is resilient to future environmental, social, and economic trends.

It will be co-designed with people who live, work, and visit to identify a set of principles, projects, and partnerships that will guide the transition of Newham’s Town Centres and take account of predicted economic market trends. The Town Centre Strategy will be an integral part of the Council’s Community Wealth Building strategy.

The first phase of the strategy starting in 2020, will focus on the areas of Green Street, Forest Gate, and Manor Park/Little Ilford.

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