Regeneration project: Canning Town and Custom House

Custom House Zoom event: 19 and 20 June

The Council is keen to update these residents on the progress which it has been making with the Custom House Steering Group members over the last few months concerning plans to build new homes for them in the Custom House area.

We are therefore arranging two online Zoom events (see programme) and we hope that you can attend one of them if you live at one of the above addresses; there will also be an opportunity to ask questions about the forthcoming ballot. Please either email or phone us (details below) so that we can give you the log in details for joining the event.

The Custom House Resident Ballot and Your Landlord Offer (PDF)

If you are unable to join us, please email or phone us and we will send you the information from the events as well as details of the questions and answers, enabling you to then ask any questions of your own should you wish to.

On 19 and 20 June Zoom there will be workshop for residents of: 

  • 71-123 Adamson Road (odd nos)
  • 5-11 Boreham Avenue (odd nos)
  • 1-37 Burrard Rd
  • 75-83 Butchers Road (odd nos)
  • 87-117 Butchers Road (odd nos)
  • 64-80 Coolfin Road (even nos)
  • 2-80 Ethel Road (even nos)
  • 15-35 Ethel Road (odd nos)
  • 24-38 Freemasons Rd (even nos)
  • 2-32 Hartington Road (even nos)
  • 1-43 Hands Walk
  • 73-167 Hooper Road (odd nos)
  • 12-170 Hooper Road (even nos)
  • 1-26 Kerry Close
  • 82-178 Leslie Road (even nos)
  • 1-26 Normandy Terrace
  • 2-60 Russell Road (even nos)
  • 1-25A Throckmorton Road.

We look forward to seeing you on Zoom – you may need to download it first, so please go to

Email: [email protected]
Telephone: Keith Smith, 07960 901400