Shape Newham projects in Beckton

Kingsford Square

Location: Outside Beckton Globe

Designer: CarverHaggard

Status: In progress

Project Description:

Kingsford Square is an important civic space located between Kingsford School and Beckton Globe. It is crossed by hundreds of people every day. The transformation of this public space now offers more reasons for people to spend time and enjoy the square, which was a community priority for this project.

A series of interventions have been made across the square to enliven this public space. The existing grid of paving has been marked out to encourage new activities and games. Excess paving has been removed to create rain gardens around the existing trees, absorbing the surface water from the square. New playable stone seating kerbs have been added and a new circular plinth provides opportunities for gatherings and performances.

Current View:

Kingsford sqaure current view

Proposed View:

Kingsford sqaure proposed view