Waste and recycling service changes

Temporary Waste Drop-Off Sites

The temporary waste drop-off sites open on Wednesday 21 September

To assist in reducing waste on the streets we will be setting up a number of drop off points. The sites will accept household rubbish and recycling: 

Open from 12 noon to 7pm:

  • Little Ilford Park Service Area, Reynolds Avenue, E12 6JU

Open from 10am to 8pm:

  • Shaftesbury Road Car Park, 85 Shaftesbury Road, E7 8PD

Open from 12 noon to 8pm daily:

  • Church Street Car Park in front of shops, 30-46 Church Street, E15 3HU
  • Freemasons Road / Coolfin Road Car Park, E16 3BE

Jenkins Lane Re-use and Recycling Centre, Barking, IG11 0AD is open daily for waste & recycling between 7.30am–5.45pm.

View a map of the Temporary Waste Drop-Off Sites

If you cannot take your waste to a drop off site what should you do?

Waste and recycling will be due for collection on the next scheduled collection day. All waste will be cleared.

Services may run behind for several weeks after the strike because of the extra volume of waste to collect and the impact of the bank holiday.

We advise residents if they have space in their bins they can use them as normal. We suggest residents try to contain waste within their bin or inside their property to avoid issues with pests.

We ask residents to please store any extra bags they generate within the boundary of their property, and to not leave any rubbish on the road, side streets or in alleyways.

For those residents who have underground bins – such as those at Hallsville Quarter –  a collection will be made prior to the strike and  additional large communal bins will be supplied to the sites for use.

Is there a limit to the number of household rubbish bags or recycling that can be taken to the Temporary Waste Drop-Off Sites during the strike?

A reasonable amount of bagged household rubbish and recycling can be taken to the Temporary Waste Drop Off Sites. All that is required is for all household rubbish to be placed in bags which are securely tied so that there is no spillage. Recycling should be in orange bags or clear bags, items washed and squashed and cardboard flattened.

These Temporary Waste Drop Off Sites will only take waste that can put in the bin at home, they are not taking any of the following:

  • bulky items 
  • garden waste 
  • materials which may be harmful to health, such as chemicals, some paints
  • clinical waste such as syringes and dressings – we provide a clinical waste collection service for this

What to do with recycling and where to get more recycling bags?

If residents have space in their recycling bin we are asking them to please continue using it.

Pick up more recycling bags from libraries
Residents can collect orange recycling bags to store extra recycling in from local libraries from Saturday 27 August. 

Residents can also recycle paper, tins, cans and plastic bottles at the on-street recycling banks - there are over 55 locations across the borough - and an even wider range of items can be recycled at Jenkins Lane Re-use and Recycling Centre. Some banks also have textile recycling facilities. However, cardboard boxes cannot be recycled at the on-street recycling banks.

You can find your closest on-street recycling bank by visiting the www.londonrecycles.co.uk/local-recycling/

This website lists recycling banks provided by Newham and also by third parties like shops and supermarkets.