Recycling service trial

Recyclable waste service trial

Newham’s Waste and Recycling team will be delivering a service trial in selected areas across the borough to help you recycle more of your waste. 

As part of this service trial, residents who are taking part can add additional items such as glass bottles and jars, plastic tubs, pots, trays, aerosols and foil paper to their recyclable waste, which will be collected weekly.

Why are we doing this?

The Mayor has pledged to “improve recycling rates and street cleaning to improve our environment”. As part of this commitment, we want to reduce the amount of rubbish we produce and help you to recycle more of your waste through weekly recycling collections and by being able to recycle more items.

The more we recycle the lesser our impact on the environment. Up to 95% less energy is used to make products from recycled materials than using raw materials; recycling one drinks can could save enough energy to power a TV for four hours.

To help reduce the amount of waste that is collected, we will also stop collecting additional waste that is not within the rubbish bin. We allow households with 6 or more residents to request a bigger bin, you can do this on our request a new or replacement bin webpage.

To help us know how best to introduce these new changes, we will be trialling this service in key areas across the borough and using the feedback to plan a borough-wide introduction of the service.

How do I know if my area is involved in the trial?

Residents whose addresses are due to take part, will be notified and sent trial information and guidance. The table below outlines areas still taking part. If you were part of the sack trial the normal fortnightly service resumes from 7th December 2020.

Street Name


All road or part? 


E7 0LE

All road


E7 0LU

All road


E7 0LS

All road


E7 0LJ

All road


E7 0LQ

All road


E7 0JW

All road


E7 0JH

All road


E7 0LA

All road


E7 0NP

All road

What do I need to do?

Please put your recyclable waste out for collection every week with your rubbish collection. 
In Newham, we currently collect the following for recycling:

  • Paper
  • Cardboard
  • Plastic bottles
  • Tins and cans.

During the trial, you can also add the following to your recycling collection: 

  • Glass bottles and jars
  • Plastic tubs, pots and trays
  • Aerosols
  • Foil paper and foil containers.

Do not put any broken glass or unspent aerosols in your recycling. Broken glass should be wrapped and put into your rubbish bin. Aerosols should be completely used up before being disposed of.

Please remember to flatten or tear cardboard into smaller pieces and squash plastic bottles. All tins, glass, and food cans should be rinsed and dry.  

All other items should be put into your rubbish collection because they can contaminate recycling making it unusable.

If your recycling contains lots of items that can’t be recycled or an item that is hazardous or could make the other recycling too dirty to be recycled we will not collect it until you remove the contaminated item(s).

Who can I contact for more information?

Please send any trial questions or queries to [email protected]