Governance Referendum: Information for Campaigners

This page provides information for those running or wishing to run a campaign in the Governance Referendum to be held in Newham on 6 May. 

The referendum count will take place at the Excel Centre on Saturday 8 May.  The start time has not been confirmed but is likely to be about 8.00am but no earlier.

The Chief Executive as Counting Officer for the Referendum has no statutory role in the regulation or registration of campaigns or their expenses but invites campaigns and campaign organisers to voluntarily register so we can:

  • Provide you with updates and information on the referendum process
  • Allow your campaign to apply for the appointment of observers at polling stations, postal vote opening sessions and the count. (applications will only be accepted from registered campaigns)
  • Deal with your queries

Register your Campaign

To register your campaign, please email [email protected] with the following details;

  • Your campaign name (if any)
  • Your campaign organiser name, full address including post code and contact number
  • Contact details for a reserve contact (optional).

Any personal information will not be shared with any third party and will only be used for the purposes of this referendum.

Guidance Document

Please find attached general information on referendum campaigns, which may be of use.

Guidance Pack for Campaigns (PDF)

Application Form to appoint observers

Please find the application form here.  Applications will only be accepted from registered campaigns.

Guidance Pack for Campaigners - Applications for Observers (Word)

Applications must be received on or before 28 April.

Due to the restrictions imposed by Covid-19 and the fact that the Excel Centre count venue is being shared with other counts including the GLA election, there will be limited places available for observers in total.  We do not yet have full details from the GLA and Excel.  If the number of applications exceeds the available places, they will be fairly distributed between different campaigns.

Referendum Expenses

There are statutory limits on the maximum expenses a campaign can incur.  The expenses limit for this referendum is £15,525.50.  Campaigns do not need to submit their expenses records to the Counting Officer or Electoral Commission but, in certain circumstances, it is a criminal offence to exceed the above limit.

Please find attached a template form for recording expenses, which a campaign may choose to use or not. 

Guidance Pack for Campaigners - Expenses Template (Word)

NOTE – Campaigns are solely responsible for compliance with the statutory limits on referendum expenses.