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Torrential rainfall in Newham Following today's (19 September) torrential rainfall, we are aware of various issues with surface water on the borough's streets and are monitoring the situation. Gully machines are being sent to the most affected areas.

Job centres

There are four jobcentres in Newham.
Job Centre Plus sign

Jobcentre Plus offices in Newham

Canning Town Job Centre

197 Freemasons Road
E16 3PD
Tel: 0845 604 3719

East Ham Job Centre

473 Barking Road,
E6 2LL
Tel: 020 8210 5777
Fax: 020 8210 5701

Plaistow Job Centre

3-9 Balaam Street,
E13 8EB
Tel: 020 7506 4204
Fax: 020 7506 4201

Stratford Job Centre

1 Tramway Avenue,
E15 4PN
Tel: 0845 604 3719
You can find out more information about Jobcentre Plus offices and finding work on the Newham Workplace and websites.
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