Housing Benefit

Making a claim for housing benefit

If you receive benefits, are on a low income, or unemployed, you may be eligible for support to help pay your rent.

The majority of people now get this support through Universal Credit.

Some people can still apply for Housing Benefit. You can make a new Housing Benefit claim if either of the following apply to you:

You have reached state pension age:

  • You are single or,
  • You and your partner have both reached state pension age or,
  • One of you has reached state pension age and started claiming Pension Credit (as a couple) before 15 May 2019 

You’re in supported, sheltered or temporary housing:

  • You are living in temporary accommodation such as a bed and breakfast arranged by the council or,
  • You are living in a refuge for domestic abuse or,
  • You are living in sheltered or supported housing, which provide you with 'care, support or supervision'. Your accommodation must be provided by a registered housing provider, usually a housing association, a charity or voluntary organisation.

If none of the above apply to you, you will need to claim Universal Credit.

If you are unsure which benefit you should be applying for to help with your housing costs, you can use our online form to determine whether you are eligible to claim Housing Benefit or Universal Credit.

Make a claim for Housing Benefit

If you are the Council Tax payer, this form will cover an application for both Housing Benefit and Council Tax Reduction.

Housing Benefit does not help with mortgages, the Support for Mortgage Interest Scheme (SMI)  administered by the Department for Works and Pensions, helps those on low income pay interest on their mortgage.​