Resident parking permits

Resident parking permit

If you live in Newham you may be able to apply for a resident parking permit.

A virtual resident parking permit allows you to park your vehicle in permit holder only bays, and shared use bays in the resident parking zone within which your address falls. The resident permit is only valid within the zone where you live. Any vehicle parked in a residents parking zone without a valid permit for that zone may receive a penalty charge notice.

Residents in car-free developments are not eligible for a resident parking permit. Residents at these locations can however purchase visitor parking permits.

Foreign vehicles can only obtain a resident parking permit for a maximum period of 6 months by contacting Mipermit Newham. These cannot be obtained through the MiPermit Newham online system.

Resident parking permits are subject to emissions based charging.

If your vehicle is a Hybrid (both electric & fuel driven) any permit charge will be based on the CO2 emissions data which is stated on the vehicles V5C document ( log book). If CO2 information is not stated on the vehicles V5C then permit charging will be based on the vehicles fuel engine size.  

Resident permits are not valid for vehicles which exceed 2.3m in height and/or 5.3m in length. It is solely the responsibility of the permit applicant to ensure that the vehicle for which they are applying for a permit does not exceed these dimensions. If any vehicle is found to be in breach of these dimensions the permit which has been applied for will be invalid and subject to cancellation which will mean that the vehicle can be enforced against.

You can apply for or renew a resident parking permit by registering for our online parking system MiPermit Newham.

Before you begin your application, you will need to:

  • To ensure the vehicle you are applying for is registered in your name and at the address where you will be using the permit
  • Registered keepers - upload a copy of your UK Vehicle Registration document (V5C or log book) or Motability Certificate (not the Motability insurance). The copy uploaded to the system must clearly show that you are the registered keeper or motability customer so please ensure it states your name and address.
  • If the vehicle has been recently purchased and you are unable to provide a DVLA V5C form in your name and address, then a proof of purchase invoice can be submitted. This invoice must be on headed stationery and hand written documents will not be accepted. The applicant will be expected to provide the Council with a copy of their new V5C form as soon as possible.
  • Non-registered keepers - a lease or hire agreement. Hand written documents will not be accepted 
  • Company vehicles - UK Vehicle Registration Document (V5C or logbook) or lease/hire agreement; and a letter from your employer on headed paper dated within the last three months that confirms your employment, name, address and vehicle registration. Hand written documents will not be accepted
  • Proof of address in the name of the registered keeper/leaseholder or employee if a company vehicle:  Acceptable proofs of residency are: Council Tax bill which must be valid at the time of application, utility bill or bank statement (dated within the last three months), a tenancy agreement (dated within the last month) or mortgage offer letter or completion of sale letter from solicitor, on headed stationery. Hand written documents will not be accepted

When renewing your permit you must select a start date for your new permit to begin. The MiPermit Newham system will default to today’s date on the application page. Please ensure this is updated if you require your permit to start from a later date. You will only be able to renew your permit up to four weeks in advance.

For any enquiries relating to the virtual permit application process please contact MiPermit on 0345 520 7007 ( Monday – Friday 8am – 6pm) or email 

Apply for or renew a resident permit 

If you still have a paper permit, please keep displaying it on your windscreen until it is due for renewal. When it is due for renewal, you can move to our new virtual permit system MiPermit Newham.

For assistance please call MiPermit  - 0345 520 7007 8am to 6pm Monday to Friday or visit one of our libraries.