Resident parking permits

Visitor parking permits

If you live in Newham, you can apply for resident visitor parking permits which will allow your visiting friends, family or service providers working at your home to park near your home. 

Visitor permits allow visitors to park in a permit holder only bay, or a shared use bay during controlled hours. Any vehicle parked in a controlled parking area without a valid permit may receive a penalty charge notice.

The council no longer issues paper based visitor permits and those with an expiry month of December 2022 will only be valid up to and including 31 December 2022 and after this date they should no longer be used. There will be no refunds for visitor permits which have not been used before their expiry.

Currently a total maximum of 20 resident visitor permits can be purchased in a monthly cycle. Once the limit has been met no more visitor permits can be purchased. The allocation resets on the anniversary of when it is obtained each month by the applicant for example if an allocation is obtained on the 17th a new allocation will be available from 17th the following month.

Resident visitor permits are not valid for vehicles which exceed 2.3m in height and/or 5.3m in length. It is solely the responsibility of the visitor permit applicant to ensure that the vehicle for which they are applying for a permit does not exceed these dimensions. If any vehicle is found to be in breach of these dimensions the permit which has been applied for will be invalid and subject to cancellation which will mean that the vehicle can be enforced against.

To apply for visitor permits you need to register on MiPermit Newham.

You will need to provide:

  • a proof of address - Council Tax bill, utility bill or bank statement (dated within the last three months) or
  • a tenancy agreement (dated within the last month) or
  • a mortgage offer letter or completion of sale letter from solicitor.

Once registered you can book visitor parking requests online to start immediately or up to 14 days in advance. Select visitor parking, the duration needed and then pay.

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Visitor parking costs

Every Newham household can pay for visitor parking in batches of 6hrs, 12hrs or 24hrs.

When you want to activate your visitor parking - you can do this using your MiPermit Newham account on your desk top or mobile by going to the Manage MiPermit tab. You can also activate pre-paid visitor parking using the handy MiPermit app.

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